About Us


LYJA is IT consulting firm providing business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions.

Based in Corona, California since 2002, LYJA is IT consulting firm providing business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions. We have helped many businesses in a variety of industries realize their maximum potential by introducing innovative solutions that provide the ultimate return on investment. We work to develop solutions that match our clients’ needs, not the other way around. LYJA Solutions thrives on granting our clients custom solutions. Our knowledgeable team works to provide an array of resources along with the most innovative strategies individually suited to a client’s business goals.


Our focus during every project is to develop a digital identity for our clients that seamlessly integrate design, information, and technology. Whether the project is a sales driven, customer-interacting application or an application automating an internal process, we begin by identifying with its users. After studying the users of the application, we then build our development strategy as well as the project’s content, architecture, and design in a manner that ensures the project will deliver exceptional value. In essence, the idea of any development project processed by LYJA Solutions is to promote the business style of the company which has necessitated the creation of a specific application.


Over the past years, we have introduced a successful line of software development solutions to further help our clients reach their business goals. Concentrating on specific needs, our industry-specific solutions reinforce our marketing team’s strategies and employ our design team’s user-friendly interfaces.

Offshore Development

An offshore development facility is a remote facility which is typically used for cost-effective management of software projects. LYJA web solutions provide offshore software development and maintenance services for companies ranging from the small startups to large corporate’s Combining proven expertise in technology. By utilizing the trained labor forces overseas, the development cost can be significantly reduced. LYJA has a proven facility in around the world with established processes and methodology for managing such remote developments. This facility addresses both the customer needs in domestic as well as US markets. Outsourcing appropriate development pieces can halve the costs or better. Project status is available to the USA customer anytime during normal business hours. Issue Manager developed by LYJA is a Project and Quality Management tool. It is not merely a simple project-scheduling tool. It is a comprehensive web-based tool for effective and efficient Project Management. It provides powerful web interfaces for secure data entry access and shares project and resource information across the organization, worldwide.


LYJA has established itself as a capable development team. Our experienced programmers and developers have the ability to analyze the needs of any company and offer technology solutions for both online and offline use, thus ensuring all operations work efficiently and integrate with the applications smoothly. At LYJA, we create your vision for better business processes.

Core Values


We plan proactively for you. We help you operate efficiently with maximum ROI and we prepare you for both today and the future.


We give business minded IT solutions that work perfectly for your business and gives your business an opportunity to grow and expand.


Our staff includes experts from the industry. They have all worked in this field for a long time and they know what they are doing. So, you are in good hands.


Our mission is simple. We aim to provide exceptional IT services to all our clients regardless of the type of business or the size of the business.


Our mind works like you, it revolves around business and that is what our solutions are surrounded to.


Your privacy is important to us! We never share your personal or business details to any other business or person. We make secure applications as we care your busiess.

What People Say

We would like to take this time to highly recommend LYJA for any and all of your web site needs.

Casey & Melissa Smith

Owners - Centennial Outfitters

Sit back relax, and let them do their work. Their talented developers and hassle free program coordinators make...

Christopher Isbell

President & CEO - True Blue, Inc.

Trustworthy Professionals at their best. Working with Raj and his team made all of those fears disappear.

Bruce G. Goren

Principal - PICOA INC