Our Solutions

Custom Development

We have the knowledge and talent to produce reusable and maintainable solutions using object-oriented analysis, design, database development and sound software engineering principles. Here at LYJA, softwares are designed and developed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. Customized Applications developed by LYJA are actually much more powerful. Client can easily retrieve all records that match certain criteria, update records in bulk, Cross-reference records in different tables and perform complex aggregate calculations as well. Customized solutions can be web based so it is accessible from anywhere or can be an application that will be installed on a stand alone computer.

We allow 24-hours latest software development and seamless coordination around-the-clock, across the globe with assurance of meeting target deadlines. Our offshore centers are located in different parts of the world. Time constraint issues on projects as well as utilization of multiple teams to resolve critical issues and facilitate project completion are co-ordinated around the clock with excellence.

  • Document Managment solutions
  • Shopping Cart application with real time credit card processing
  • E Help desk management system (CRM)
  • Health care management solutions
  • Hotel management solutions
  • Accounting, stock & invoice solutions
  • Corporate Intranet solutions
  • Online Auctions
  • Online Appointment System
  • Stock market solutions
  • Knowledge management applications
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Email Managment solutions
  • Data transfer solutions

Web Hosting

If you are looking for high speed, secure and reliable web hosting then you came to the right place. LYJA provides High speed & reliable Website Hosting services at discounted prices.

Order online and we will set up your account in just couple of minutes. LYJA web Hosting paving the way in the web hosting industry. Best customer support with most powerful web hosting tools is the key to our ongoing success. We have set the stage for the next generation of web hosting and business internet solutions. We are committed to provide a secure environment to corporate sector.

Our web hosting servers are protected from power failure, physical intrusion and network outages by extensive back-up power, cooling systems, multi-layered security, network redundancy and diversity.

  • Manage your site through your own Web Based Control Panel for configuration, user management and mail management.
  • Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing mail) support.
  • Check your mail from anywhere with a Web Based Email Interface.
  • You can have full Secure Telnet access to your space (only for Linux based hosting).
  • Manage your site through your own Web Based Control Panel for configuration, user management and mail management.
  • Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing mail) support.
  • You can change and upload the site with FTP any time (24×7).
  • PHP4/MySQL support for database driven programming (for Linux hosting).
  • ASP/Access support for database driven programming (for windows hosting)
  • CGI/PERL support (only for Linux based hosting).
  • Your own CGI Bin Directory so that you can install your own scripts (only for Linux based hosting).
  • Server side Includes are supported.
  • Web based statistics – track your visitors, most popular pages, search terms and many other things. You can download Raw log files also, for offline analysis.
  • Chat Room / Forum – You can install your own scripts.
  • Bulletin Board – You can install scripts.
  • many more benefits
Hosting Features
  • Low Cost Hosting
  • Apache Web Servers
  • High speed connections
  • Reliable servers
  • Online order facility
  • 99.99% Server Up time
  • Latest equipments
  • Best customer support.

Databse Integration

Adding information from a database can make your web site an efficient and powerful resource. The information about your products changes constantly, as do your lists of distributors, vendors, customers, and sales agents. Some information about your company, such as news and information or available jobs, can change on a daily basis. We can show you how to strategically put these types of information from your company database on your site, and then create custom web routines to add, modify, or delete records from your database.

With the ability to utilizing a number of programming languages such as PHP, Cold Fusion, VB.NET, C#, HTML or classic ASP, LYJA has a long history of creating state-of-the-art web sites that access information in existing company databases and creating search engine optimized HTML pages. With a database-driven site, or even a few key areas of an existing site (press releases, for example), you can reap many benefits:

  • Ease of maintenance and workflow
  • Multiple views of one data source
  • Up-to-the-second information
  • Interactivity
Organizational Reconstruction:

Week economy, mergers, acquisitions, deregulation and competition, falling trade barriers and technological advances are forcing companies to restructure their IT processes and adopt optimized global solutions to facilitate seamless co-ordination across disparate systems and globally distributed operations.

Return on Investment (RoI):

LYJA is successfully working with organizations, which are under intense pressure to increase RoI (Return on Investment) while streamlining operations and increasing market share. We help our clients in adapting latest technologies and implementations of advanced softwares.

Our Unique Capabilities
  • 24/7/365 development time by leveraging the time difference between geographically separated onsite and offsite
  • Reducing development time by as much as 50% by leveraging the advantages in time difference between onsite and offsite
    Deploying more number of better-skilled developers with better expertise and experience in the client’s domain due to less hiring costs offshore
  • Leveraging the advances in Internet and Satellite technolgies for seamless integration of project tasks handled by onsite and offsite teams
  • Total control on project life cycle development
  • Provide a single point of interface to our clients through onsite personnel
  • Meet clients’ objectives within the outlined project timeline and budget constraints
  • Offshore teams focus on the core developments and information flows seamlessly within our management structure to meet the outlined objectives
  • Clients can achieve cost optimization by utilizing global resources and harness best of the breed solutions and technological expertise.

LYJA works to meet each client’s individual needs & preferences and range from onsite services, combination of onsite and offsite services to leverage offshore software development capabilities

Technologies and Tools

The offshore custom web application development team, utilizes some of the latest technologies to create web components, services, and databases that not only perform efficiently, but reliably and securely. See the range of tools we use to develop these applications that can fulfill your requirements.

Custom Application Logic

.NET , ASP, PHP, CGI/PERL, JSP, JavaBeans, Servlets, Visual Basic 6.0, Java Server Faces, J2EE.

Database Integration

MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL server 7/2000, Oracle 8i/9i

Design & Development Tools

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks, Director, Adobe Photoshop MS Visual Basic , Visual InterDev and MS .NET development Studio

Presentation Logic

HTML, XHTML, Java Script, Flash, JScript, CSS etc.,

Operating Platforms

Windows NT/2000 server, LINUX and UNIX family of Servers, Windows CE, Palm OS

Web servers

Internet Information Server(IIS) 4.0 – 5.0, Apache, Tomcat, WebLogic, iPlanet & SunOne Studio, Resin Httpd

It’s easy to offer deployable systems and install them, but we will remain with you to insure that your technical personnel and other employees can successfully use the application. We also offer customized support contracts to meet any need.

Project Management

MS Project, MS Excel, Customized developed Issue Manager

As a project manager, you need to manage your team members and their activities to complete your project on time. We developed an online project and issue management tool which provides a virtual workspace to facilitate effective communication between team members. It helps you to share information and work jointly on projects and efficiently use all available resources. You can easily assign tasks to your team members with priorities and due dates. LYJA Issue Manager will automatically notify your team members of new tasks, inform you of completed tasks and even send out reminders of past-due tasks. Its an excellent project management tool that helps your managers monitor projects & resource performance.


E-Commerce web sites offer a new information and sales vehicle for your company giving benefits not available with traditional trading methods. E-Commerce solutions come in many different forms, styles, functionality, technologies and languages.

LYJA’s team will take you step by step through each level of e-Commerce development from secure order processing to final dispatch of goods. We are here to advice you on latest technologies, appropriate applications and professional online trading. With informative features such as product performance reports, customer targeted reports (based on geographic, demographic, or geo-demographic data), and even customized category- performance reports, management can smoothly integrate online sales operations with other areas of business such as customer relations, marketing, and product development LYJA’s eCommerce solution was designed with a user-interface that’s informative, clear, and easy to use, guaranteeing that whatever information your business requires of our product, it’s there. Not only will the information be readily available, but it will also be easily acquired, understood, and maintained.


  • Fully Secured 128Bit SSL shopping solution
  • High-end design and proven software solution
  • Optimized user interface for better customer experience
  • Easy to use password protected, web based, Store Administration Application. Accessible every time of the day from every computer with a web access.
  • Custom features and software changes are available for additional charge

Storefront Features and Services

  • Custom design by a professional graphic designer
    – Logo and Corporate Identity creation are available for additional charge
  • Optimized user interface for Intuitive navigation
    – Browse products by category
    – Browse products by brand
    – Find product by name, manufacturer part number or brand name
  • Powerful and easy to use shopping cart
    – Fully secured HTTPS/SSL checkout process
    – Change product quantity
    – Remove product from the cart
    – Calculate shipping and handling charges before checking out
    – Small “Fast Cart” in all the store’s pages for improved shopping experience
  • Shipping Charges & Taxes
    – Customers can select their preferable shipping method
    – Taxes are applied automatically to the order according to shipping destination

Store Administration Features

  • Security
    – Password-protected administrative access
    – Manage user authentication information
    – Manage user roles
    – Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access (optional)
  • Store Departments
    – Add/Rename/Remove store departments
    – Create unlimited amount of sub departments
    – Set featured items for each department or sub department
  • Product Catalog
    – Add unlimited number of products
    – Assign product to multiple departments
    – Give free shipping on selected products
    – Waive sales tax on tax exempt products
    – Upload product images
    – Assign and manage store brands
    – Delete/Hide out of stock or discontinued products
    – List products and quickly update prices
    – Enter product rebate information and upload rebate file
    – Assign product related items to increase sales
    – Define custom product attributes (like Color, Size, Fabric, etc.)

Upgrading Options

Most of the web development companies do not allow the original files to be manipulated in any way; this means the system is not upgradeable and cannot be altered to suit the changes of a clients business. If the e-Commerce system at any stage does not suit the product or service being retailed then the solution and all of the initial investment is wasted. But we realized the upgrading factor of the e-commerce web site. By using LYJA’s e-commerce web sites, our clients can enhance their sales by adapting these latest methods of trading.

Web Solutions

LYJA is a professional web-designing and development company and has a large suite of software languages, technologies, hosting and in-house solutions development to ensure the success of any website or application design project.

Web sites by LYJA are known for their clean, high quality graphics, fast-loading pages, logical and well-organized navigation, and overall effective design and layout. Clients have been delighted with the results they have received, and the majority of new clients are referrals from existing clients. Here In LYJA each client has a dedicated advisor and single point of contact throughout their project. Web designing is chiefly concerned with the arrangement and presentation of text-based content. LYJA web site designing team always keeps in mind the design details like the look and feel of the website, ease of navigation, interaction, easy and fast opening pages while designing web pages.

We begin web development with analyzing client’s current web design if applicable. But if client wants to develop a new web site then our team takes time to enquire where client’s goals lie for new website customer base and vitally important is its location of consideration.

Websites have become the most popular way of marketing your company through the World Wide Web at affordable rates. The mega projection obtained in a website is not comparable to any other medium which is the reason why more and more companies are putting their brands on the web. We also take care to make client’s web site according to client’s business needs. Once the project is with us, it is our endeavor to complete the project in the given time frame.

We are always available to offer advices to our precious clients for long and short term options regarding hosting and web design support, with this service we offer a wide range of business services and tools as well. The cementing and development of our relationship with our clients and the success of our client’s business is always our priority.

Salient Features of our web development

  • Designs are optimized for high search engine rankings.
  • High quality custom graphics created and designed to complement the wonderful variety of information and products contained at your Web site.
  • The greatest access to the widest possible audience by use of HTML markup that accommodates most web browsers and many alternative devices.
  • Attention to maintaining low bandwidth for each page at your Web site for quick-loading pages, which includes manipulating graphics to the lowest possible file size while also maintaining their high quality appearance.
  • Meta-tags, “hidden” HTML markup elements that act to attract greater recognition from various search engines that use meta-tags.
  • Consistency of design throughout the Web site, including colors, graphics, layout, typeface and all other design elements.
  • High quality color scanning of photographs and other materials if needed, which includes minor touch-ups and cropping as needed.
  • Thorough testing of the entire Web site to ensure that all related details are in place, that all the links function properly, that all the pages represent the professional appearance necessary for client’s Web site.
  • Critiques/Reviews of your Web site during its development by fellow web design colleagues and other net-savvy professionals for all aspects of web design and marketing.