Call Center

The effect of the Internet, combined with a push towards higher value-added application, means that in many cases the average agent’s job is becoming more complex. Agents who used to place outbound calls are now asked to manage and resolve complex customer queries and problems and to call upon a fuller range of communication skills. In many cases involving ethnical help desk services, agents need to have formal training in the sciences or engineering. The same holds true for sales lead generation projects involving high technology products or complex financial services. As the trend towards high value-added horizontal applications progresses, highly skilled agents will become less the exception and more the rule.

LYJA has developed capabilities and expertise for managing processes end-to-end across a broad spectrum of processes. In the global marketplace, 24 hour/7 days a week service is often expected. Providing additional channels of communication for customer contact is essential in establishing the credibility of your operation. Inbound call center services allow your doors to never close.

How do you benefit from outsourcing
LYJA call center agents can answer customer concerns, take orders, or simply answer questions about your products or services on a 24/7/365 basis. This means customers can access information and, most importantly, make purchase decisions at their convenience. The bottom line is that live call center outsourcing services are critical in maximizing the sales generated by any direct marketing or online initiative.

Call Center Proficiency
Each of our call center services provides businesses with industry leading telephone or web-based customer support solutions for a fraction of the cost of maintaining a call center of your own. Twenty-four hour inbound call centers can connect your callers with your location closest to them by zip code, region, or any other factors you choose. And with a FREE Caller ID service, you’ll have the data you need to follow up on the call, even if the caller chooses not to leave any information. Call center services and quality agents provide companies with results and increased efficiencies and significant cost savings and focused training on your business.

LYJA Solutions is a well established IT firm which is capable of providing efficient IT solutions including Call Center Solutions to both businesses and individual consumers. In this modern era, businesses irrespective of their domain, all struggle to achieve maximum return on their investments. We have helped numerous businesses tap into their gold mine and ultimately maximize their profits. We at LYJA Solutions possess a talented team that is dedicated in providing an array of resources alongside innovative solutions. We pride in delivering innovative and custom, client-specific solutions. Our strategy is to mold our solutions according to client specific requirements.

The past years are littered with cases where we have successfully introduced and incorporated Call Center solutions for our clients. These IT solutions have aided our clients to attain their marked business goals. We at LYJA Solutions cater to the clients’ specific needs, by making use of industry-specific solutions that reinforce our marketing team’s strategies.

Through years of experience, LYJA Solutions has assembled a qualified, capable team of call center agents. Our hand-picked call center agents have the ability to analyze the requirements of any company and subsequently offer solutions. We at LYJA Solutions ensure to bring life into your vision for business processes.