Marketing & S.E.O.

LYJA assists clients in understanding the market and in creating strategic marketing solutions to effectively connect with the potential customers. With over many years collective marketing experience, LYJA advises on best practices, provides custom research and designs integrated marketing programs/solutions. We provide:

  • Quality Leads
  • Targeted Audience
  • Guaranteed Value


Types of offshore marketing representation
When marketing a product or service, you should choose the kind of offshore representative that best meets your business needs. Offshore representation includes:

  • Dedicated Marketing : sells on your behalf and receives a commission on sales or can be paid fixed amount.
  • Agent: seeks out potential customers for your product and can be paid a salary, a retainer, a commission or a combination of all three (an agent does not take ownership of your goods)
  • Joint Venture arrangements, formal or informal with like minded local firms who can best serve your interests in their markets. They may be, for example, a local service provider providing a similar but not competitive service to the one you are offering.

Direct Mail Campaigns
We provides direct mail and database management services for specific clients that seek to reach the specific market. Importantly, clients benefit from our integrated prospect database which enables clients to achieve greater response rates and participation levels.

Internet Marketing
Our Internet marketing system, allows us to refine marketing campaigns constantly and dynamically, exposing new opportunities and flagging potential problems before they occur. Our Internet marketing analysts go deep into your company’s website, your campaigns, your competition and other external factors to offer a snapshot on the performance of all critical success factors as the basis for the development of superior strategies.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization strategists use proven, proprietary techniques to raise your site’s search engine rankings. LYJA ethical search engine optimization process is in full compliance with the search engine optimization guidelines listed on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines’ websites. LYJA never uses unethical techniques such as cloaking or spamming that can get your website banned from the search engines.